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06 June 2011 by in category Blog, Curiosities, Funny

Apparently the latest absurd craze on the internet is called planking and involves a person lying face down in a rigid position at random locations and posting photos of the act on the internet. People want to do it in the strangest places and trying to find each more ingenious variations.

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Compositing Showreel 2011

06 June 2011 by in category Career, VFX

May 2011 Showreel with Breakdowns by Roger Serrabassa Vilar. I’m a Junior Compositor & Roto Artist based in London. This is my first compositing reel with work completed, from the Compositing For Production course, at Escape Studios London, created using PFTrack, Silhouette and Nuke. Footage of Vethard, Hunt for Gollum, Bridget Jones, Kerry “Low Low […]

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