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Daily Archives: 09 May 2012

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Happy birthday Wolfenstein

09 May 2012 by in category Blog, Curiosities, Games, Past

The popular classic Wolfenstein 3D is 20 years old – wow. What better way to celebrate that to play it again right now – in your browser! Wolfenstein 3-D, released in 1992, was the game that set the absolute standard for first person shooter games. It was inspired by the classic computer game Castle Wolfenstein, […]

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Making of “Inception”

09 May 2012 by in category Blog, Making of, VFX tagged as

Double Negative’s visual effects work was honoured at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards, when the visual effects award went to Christopher Nolan’s complex movie, Inception. Double Negative provided all the visual effects on the film, including Limbo City, the Paris fold-over sequence and the fortress explosion. One of DNeg’s founding members, Paul Franklin, was the […]

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