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Daily Archives: 22 June 2012

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Making of Edward Scissorhands

22 June 2012 by in category Blog, Making of tagged as

– The film is considered as an autobiography of Burton in regard to his childhood in the suburbs in California. – The film, shot in Florida, was the last performance before Vincent Price´s passed away. – Burton, enamored of Price’s work in film, asked him the role of the inventor. – Although it might seem […]

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Què mengem ?

22 June 2012 by in category Activism, Blog, Salut

Què mengem amb el que mengem? És segur el que arriba a la nostra taula? Quina quantitat de productes químics, metalls pesants, antibiòtics o additius que podrien ser perjudicials per a la salut ingerim amb la nostra dieta? Es tracta d’una producció pròpia de Montse Armengou i Ricard Belis que analitza les substàncies petites, aquelles […]

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