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Making of Edward Scissorhands

June 22, 2012 by in category Blog, Making of tagged as

– The film is considered as an autobiography of Burton in regard to his childhood in the suburbs in California. – The film, shot in Florida, was the last performance before Vincent Price´s passed away. – Burton, enamored of Price’s work in film, asked him the role of the inventor. – Although it might seem […]

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The Day After Tomorrow -Digital Domain-

June 1, 2012 by in category Blog, Making of, VFX tagged as ,

Digital Domain was tapped to destroy two of America’s most recognized cities for this sci-fi epic. In New York it was by tidal wave – intelligent, interactive CG water sweeping through photorealistic recreations of lower Manhattan. In L.A. it was by twister with shot layering, CG elements and volumetric effects combining to wreak urban havoc. […]

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