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Your head is not a zoom tool

19 March 2011 by in category Blog, Curiosities, Frases, VFX

First lesson that I’ve learned at Escape Studios

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Andrew Kramer interview

28 October 2010 by in category Blog, VFX

In just a few short years Video Copilot has skyrocketed to become the dominant force in visual fx and motion graphics training online, with it’s founder, Andrew Kramer, becoming an industry icon. In part 1 of this riveting interview Andrew discusses his fascinating journey from high school student to industry leader and what that has […]

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Where is my lifeblood ?

20 September 2010 by in category Career, Cool stuff

Alone in my house, something came through the window and suck my lifeblood completely … turn me into something devil and in need of blood. Created with After Effects, Magic Bullet Looks and CC Particle World Effect.

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Roger Title (Holmes style)

10 September 2010 by in category VFX

Sherlock Holmes credits style. Done in After Effects and using some textures to create a similar effect.

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