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Top languagues of the world

02 April 2010 by in category Blog, Curiosities, World

Yesterday took a dinner with Cloudanians, Minna, Joao, Paula, Maira and people. Point of discussion, top languages of the world. Portuguese 7th position against 91th of Catalan 🙁 WIKIPEDIA LINK, Top Languages of the world But surprise !!! Catalan is in 27th position like a Language used on the Internet 🙂 WIKIPEDIA LINK, Top Languages used […]

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The myth about Sweden and suicides

28 March 2010 by in category Blog, Curiosities, World

A man said: I read somewhere the other day that Sweden has the highest suicide rate in the world. Is it true ?? FALSE According to the latest data published by the World Health Organization [1], Sweden ranks #35 for males and #23 for females among reporting countries (and Sweden takes statistics rather seriously).

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Haiti Earthquake Aftermath Montage

24 February 2010 by in category Blog, World

Haiti Earthquake Aftermath Montage: Khalid Mohtaseb was hired to shoot footage in Haiti for two international networks. This is a montage of his personal footage of the aftermath shot during his spare time in and around Port au Prince. Amazing stuff. It was shot with a Canon 5D Mark 2 and the slow pans are […]

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A decade into 100 pictures

18 December 2009 by in category Blog, World

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Another world is possible: Photos of the COP15

18 December 2009 by in category Blog, World

Scientists have warned that the commitments of the world are far below what is needed to keep global temperature increases below 2 degrees C and avoid the worst of global warming. They say that global warming will create rising sea levels, increased drought, more extreme weather and the extinction of some species. Here’s a look […]

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